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Friday, November 18, 2011

Kids say the darndest things...

I promised a post, but I forgot that report cards and parent teacher conferences fit in between Marcus' sixth and seventh month. Bleh! So, with students on the brain, and not much else, I will share some of my favorite quotes from my six years of teaching:
- When asked if anyone knew what a disguise was, "It's what you wear when you're 14 and want to go to the bar."
- When seeing a picture of Brian and me for the first time, "Look! She gots a brown guy!"
- After explaining what a mustache is, "Oh, my mom has one of those."
- When helping a student, "I was kind of having a hard time, but I thought I could figure it out. But I remembered that your name is Mrs. Askew, so I decided to ask you. Get it? Askew?"
- When talking about growing up and encouraging my students to go to college, "Mrs. Askew, what do you do for work?"
- After teaching a very animated math lesson, using my microphone for the first time, an aide in my classroom told one of my students she had missed a lot of the lesson while she was in the bathroom, "No, I could hear it all in the bathroom. I know how to do it now." (My classroom was right next to the bathroom)
-After getting after a student who wasn't working, he insisted he was sick and needed to call home. I told him he was fine and that he just wanted to call home because he had gotten in trouble. He replied, "Yeah, that's when I get sick, when I'm in trouble."
- When another teacher was calling my students into the computer lab one by one, she had gone through the list and one student was left. She asked who he was, he told her, and she replied that she had called him already, why didn't he answer? "They said I was in the bathroom." (He was standing right there)

 If nothing else they certainly keep me entertained!

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