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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Doctors and Diets

In the last 6 months I have seen my primary care physician, my obgyn, and my endocrinologist. All of them are trying to help with our 20 months or infertility. There are all in consensus that I need to lose weight, but these are the suggestions I have gotten from them:

Do water aerobics a few days a week.
Try the HCG diet.
You need a lot of protein, like Atkins.
You should walk at least 5 days a week.
Weight Watchers will teach you healthy life habits. 
A personal trainer could really help.
A lot of people have success with the lap band.

Besides all the bi-polar recommendations, two of them have said my weight loss so far has been "not important" and "a little, I guess". Really?! Last time I checked, that is what you want, but unless I choose your screwed up method, it doesn't count! I have lost 33 pounds, I feel good, and I was happy with who I was before this all started! I don't need them or their approval! 
But really, I do need them. I'm not ovulating, and without ovulation, I can't have a baby. And without medical "help" I don't know if my body will do it on it's own. I just wish they could make up their minds. And I wish they would try to be a little bit nice about it. I know I'm fat, but I'm also really sad that I can't get pregnant. Please try to be a little sensitive!