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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Natural Birth

Possibly even more than people wondering if we have named our son, people wonder if I will get an epidural. The plan is NO! Everyone immediately responds that I am crazy, and I have no idea what birth is like, and I will change my mind. I think they underestimate me. No, I have not given birth before and I don't really know what it is like. But I have listened to stories from friends and family, and I have done research on my own, and I truly believe that an epidural is not for me or my baby. Here are some of my reasons;
1. Needle in the spine, hell no!
2. Catheter, no thanks. Things should be exiting, not entering.
3. Possible death, paralysis, or permanent nerve damage
4. Better recovery time for mom and baby without epidural
5. Less drowsy baby who is more likely to breastfeed better
6. Epidurals slow labor. Often moms then have to get a pitocin drip as well.
7. Being unable to walk around. I am too much of a control freak for that
8. Possibility of causing mother and/or baby distress, and makes moms more likely to need a c-section
9. Side effects from epidurals can effect babies for up to six weeks after delivery. You leave my baby alone!
10. Women have been doing it naturally for thousands of years. If they can do, I can too!

I am asking that as my friends and family that you support and encourage me. Not try to negate my decision and discourage me. I am stubborn, and I will do my best to have a natural birth for me, and my son.


  1. Way to go Meg! Do you already have your birth plan typed up?

  2. Good for you! We are planning the same and I have been getting a lot of negative feedback. This decision belongs to you and brian - ignore the naysayers.

    Hope your birth goes off without a hitch!

  3. Yay for you. Everyone told me I was crazy for wanting to go naturally but I agree, women have been doing it since the beginning of time, we can do it too!

  4. wow i learned a lot from your post. i guess i havent really studied up on my birthing techiniques to really know any of that anyway but good for you. i dont doubt that you are strong enough to endure that!

  5. All I can say is..... AMEN sister!!! You are so awesome! It is SOOOO refreshing to hear a woman say these things! You are rare and beautiful! Thank you Megan! I love you and I have NO DOUBT you CAN do this! You are going to hurt and then hold your baby and all that hurt will give you power and make you feel awesome as a woman and a mother. I love you and am so proud of you!!! I can't wait to hear your birth story!!
    P.S. I just heard a story yesterday of a woman who tried an epidural and she started to leak spinal fluid. Does this happen to everyone? No, but, it does happen. I fully support you girl! Love you!!

  6. People are crazy if they say anything negative to you about it! It's your choice and not theirs! I bow down to you for doing it though! I will for sure be doing it epidural style, but I think you are making an amazing choice for you personally and your baby! :) Loves ya!!!!