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Saturday, January 23, 2010

I have a dream...

 I teach In West Valley, which is basically what most people consider the "ghetto" of Salt Lake. No it is not like the ghetto you see in really big cities, but for Salt lake, it is the roughest area. My school is about 70% Hispanic, with the other 30% containing over 30 different languages (we have a lot of refugees). Many of my students come from broken homes, whether a parent is in a different country, in prison, dead, or just MIA. There are often gang shootings in their neighborhoods, and these kids have seen and heard way more than they should. Their families are poor and often work such long hours that no one is home to feed the kids dinner, help them with their homework, or put them to bed.

Monday was Martin Luther King so I was obviously teaching my class about him, but I have talked a lot about him all year as we have discussed issues of fighting for things without hurting others, segregation, and just treating others with respect. After we listened to his famous I Have a Dream speech, I gave my students a writing assignment to write about a dream they had for themselves, their families, and the world. These are some of their dreams: (I have posted the writing exactly how I received it. If the spelling was  mysterious, I have put it in parentheses)

By S-girl
I have a dream that I can be a dokter and help people how(who) are hert and sich(sick).
I have a dream that my famiely can have a nice home and have cleen water and food.
I have a dream that people won't hert and kill over(other) people and they will get along beter.

By A-boy
I have a dream that will come true. I want to be a sighentest(scientist).
I have a dream for my family that they have better jobs and have a little bite(bit) of money.
I have a dream for the world. I that white peopole respect black peopole.

By K-boy
I had a dear that i was a famis basckball play(famous basketball player) and i will help my famle. {for himself}
All of use will be to gether a gen(together again) and we will be happy. {for his family}
I wish i will make this world beter. {for the world}

By J-boy
I have a dream that one day I will be abel to take care of my family.
I have a dream that one day my hole family will be together for the first time.
I have that one day the world will understand that vilanse(violence) isn't good that we shoud treat the people how we want them to treat us.

By O-boy
I want to be a PresiDent Like Barack Obama. he is the best. And a teacher too. Teachers are cool.
I want to take care of my family and everybody in my family. and every body in the world.
I want the world to be free this time. And I want everybody to be happy.

By H-girl
I have a dream I whant to Be a teacher and I whant I whant The kid to lerern(learn)
and my family whant to be nice PePle and to Make PePle happy happy
I whant to make the world happy and brave and I whant Them to eat to.

I hope these have warmed your heart as much as mine! Oh, and no, I am not sexist, my class is 2/3 boys. :)


  1. How sweet is that? Meg, you are amazing to teach these kids and I admire you for doing it and caring so much for the kids.

  2. I love it these are amazing what a great way to teach about the day!!

  3. Meg, That was definitely heart warming. I just want to cry. I may not be able to afford a place of my own yet but at least Jayden has clean water. You are doing a great job teaching. Keep me posted on your life and how things are going

  4. So cute Megan! Thanks so much for sharing!!! I know you are a great teacher and those students are so lucky to have you.

  5. This is so great Megan. I love their dreams. Thanks for sharing

  6. What school? I work in WVC too. I would say there are a few scarier neighborhoods than West Valley, but it is definitely HIGH on the list. and all of those issues with your class are very real and true in this area. Thanks for sharing. Much love.